"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Mute moments

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Enjoy the silence…

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Always the same

Time , you stays alway the same … Immutable, without any senses, like a locked bag, like a block of ice, gliding silently on the waves of life … Imaginary I have sketched your selfportrait aqueous, slightly acidic, flowing backwards , flickering in salice, looking for a right path … but, no, you are delirious, the game is the same, always the same … you strongly push me forward, to the unknown, the way made with each passing year, turning my hair white on my forehead …



I close myself again in my world… in the trap of solitude… I stopped walking, unwillingly,  and my smile faded on my lips… the colour in my eyes  froze spreading tears of ashes…

my soul has turned into a bizarre delta, with countless arms through wich the whole sadness of the world is flowing… time was not on my side… when I missed you the most you have hidden yourself like a criminal, killing my feelings… you set my soul on fire and you left me a mountain of memories, a dirty thick water of sensations and feelings and dead dreams, sad water, dirty water, yellow like the face of a corpse… dirty water that my soul has to filter day and night, flowing in my cells in long moments… endless drops of sick time, bizarre time, irreversible time…my idears turn into a dirty brown, my wings are cut, my flight is an utopia…



“I’m a little curious of you in crowded scenes
And how serene your friends and fiends
We flew and strolled as two eliminated gently
Why don’t you close your eyes and reinvent me
You know you’ve got that heart made of stone
You should have let me know
You could have let me know

We’ll go ’till morning comes
And traffic grows
And windows hum

Speding all week with your friends
Give me evenings and weekends
Evenings and weekends

I could be yours
We can unwind
All these have flaws
All these have flaws

You’d agree it’s a typical high
You fly as you watch your name go by
And once the name goes by
Not thicker than water nor thicker than mud
And the eight k thuds it does

Sunset so thickly
Let’s make it quiet and quickly
Don’t frown
It taste’s better on the way back down

I could be yours
We can unwind
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
Will lead to mine

We can unwind
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
Will lead to mine
Will see to
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
Will see to
All these have flaws
Will lead to mine
We can unwind all our flaws
We can unwind all our flaws”

Only when I lose myself

When I think of you

when I breath

I can still not understand

what you want from me

it feels like you have never enough of me

it feels like I’m completely losing myself

but only when I lose myself with you

I can find myself

Stand alone

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me, myself and I

standing next to eachother

what a great company

the best ever.


Thoughts rest on my mind

like tired birds

on their path to the promissed land.

When they come upon me

I can hardly hear myself

I can only hear them talking about you.

Every once in a while they come back to me

singing me about your face

telling me about your kiss

making me remember the slightest details.

When they feel strong enough

my thoughts fly back to you

always towards you

leaving me far, far away.


First day of spring…

sun shines everywhere…

go out, leave the computer…


see the colour of the sky…

smile and do something crazy…

allow yourself to be nuts today…  🙂


Most people are horrified by the thought of solitude, but isn’t solitude a part of ourselves?
That voice that speaks when all others leave us, that part that never betrays us?
It takes lots of strength to be true to ourselves, deep inside, there where we are alone,
Where there are no more veils to cover our soul, nor things to distract us.
No more ideas to kidnap our eyes, only ourselves, simple, stripped, in the middle of reality.
Do you know the feeling? There’s such a surreal beauty inside.
Take a deep breath and welcome yourself.


100 words

memyselfandela, 2012

My beautiful love

“…My beautiful love, my great love, my tear

I carry you in myself like a wounded bird

Not knowing to watch the past

And repeating the words that I said

That will also die for your eyes…

There is no happy love…

It is already late to have more time to learn

Our hearts cry together every night

Suffering for the smallest song

Paying with regrets for every small shiver

Losing the breath for every guitar song

There’s no happy love….

There’s no love that is not pain

There’s no love to live without tears

There’s no happy love

But it is our love, it belongs to us both.”

Il N’y a Pas D’amour Hereaux, Nina Simone

Mesk Elil…


“I miss everything,

I miss you and it hurts…

And I miss the scent of mesk elil too…”

I only love you… Ghir enta…


Souad Massi – No One But You

Think of me
Oh you who I love
My heart chose you
And I don’t know what to do
Now you’re by my side
But tomorrow, who knows?
That’s how the world is
Sweet and bitter at the same time

No one but you

No one but you

No one but you has entered my heart
No one but you
No one but you
There’s no one but you in my heart
Your love puzzles me
At night I can’t sleep
Why do you make me suffer so much ?
Spring does not last forever
And roses wilt in the end
I’m in chaos, I’m in chaos
Think of me

Souad Massi – Il n’y a que toi

Pense ‘a moi
Mon bien aim’e
Mon coeur t’ a choisi
Et je ne sais plus comment faire
Aujourd’hui tu vis a mes cot’es
Et demain qui sait
C’ est ca la vie
Sucr’ee et am’ere ‘a la fois
Il n’y a que toi qui habite mon coeur
Il n’y a que toi que j’ aime
Ton amour m’ intrigue
Et le sommeil m’a quitt’e
Pourquoi me fais-tu tant souffrir?
Le printemps n’ est pas ‘eternel
Et les roses finissent par faner
Je vis dans le chaos sans toi
Pense ‘a moi

Ma boheme …


“Toi qui viens d’entrer
Comme une bombe dans ma vie
Comme soleil qui resplendit
Des lueurs du paradis
Toi mon charmant grisou
Ma meche d’amadou
Qui brule sur mon cou
Toi , ma boheme …
Toi , ma boheme …
Toi , ma boheme …

Toi qui fais surgir
Dix mille volcans sur ma peau
De tes levres coquelicot
Du bout de tes doigts geniaux
Toi , mon docteur d’amour
Au regard de velours
Aux ailes de vautour
Toi , ma boheme …
Toi , ma boheme …
Toi , ma boheme …

Toi qui tiens mon coeur dans tes serres de femme-enfant
Et qui t’instilles doucement
Dans ma chair et dans mon sang
Toi qui bouscules ma vie
L’entoure de fantaisie
D’un petit grain de folie
Toi , ma boheme …
Toi , ma boheme …
Toi , ma boheme …”

Did you smile today? :)

Pour les connaisseurs…?

Is love like a wine to our soul?

Are we getting drunk with our feelings?

Is it just a transitory euphoria or is it much more?

Is previous experience helpful or it means nothing when it comes to love?

Should we try several bottles of love until we realize which one is made for us?

Or is our true love going to find us?

Is there limited love in us or true love never ends?

Is love something that we consume or something that consumes us?

Tiny soul

Tiny eyes looking at me

tiny glance comming from your

tiny soul full of light

tiny paws made out of tenderness

reaching out for me

waiting for my hands to touch you

and bring tiny dreams all around you…

Zu schnell vorbei…


Meet me in the middle


meet me

in the middle of the road

in the middle of the distance

in the middle of nowhere

and never leave me again.


memyselfandela, 2012

Mad about you…


Mon amour…

Biensur nous ûmes des orages
20 ans d’amour
C’est l’amour fort
Mille fois tu pris ton bagages
Mille foi je pris mon envole
Et chaque meuble se souvient
Dans cette chambre sans berceaux
Des eclats des vielles tempêtes
Plus rien ne ressembler a rien Qui avait perdu le goût de l’eau
Et moi celui de la conquête

Mon amour, mon doux, mon tendre, mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube clair jusqu’a la fin du jour je t’aime encor tu sais
Je t’aime

Moi je sais tout tes sortilleges
Tu sais tou mes envoutements
Tu ma garder de pieges en pieges
Je tes perdus de temps en temps
Biensur tu pris quelques amants
Il fallait bien passer le temps
Il fau bien que le corps exulte
Et finalement
Finalement il nous falus bien du talent
Pour être vieux sans être adulte

Mon amour, mon doux ,mon tendre, mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube clair jusqu’a la fin du jour je t’aime encor tu sais
je t’aime

Et plus le temps nous fait cortège
Et plus le temps nous fait tourment
Mais n’esse pas le pire piege Ke vivre en paix pour tes amants
Biensur tu pleur un peu moi tod
Je me dechire un peu plus tard Nous protegeons moin nos misteres
On laisse moin fair le azar
On se méfis du fil de l’eau mais sé toujours la tendre guerre

Mon amour, mon doux, mon tendre, mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube clair jusqu’a la fin du jour je t’aime encor tu sais
Je t’aime 

“It took me a long time to figure out that it’s not where you are that counts in life; it’s the memories that you make there.”

Iubirea trece dintr-un pat in altul…

“Simti cum bate inima mea?
Eu nu, cred ca s-a descarcat.
De fapt, poate aud fantoma unei batai.
Si va mai sta aici pentru o vreme.
O sa trebuiasca sa-mi aduc aminte de el si va fi trist sau poate va fi frumos, va fi ridicol sau poate serios.
O sa-mi aduc aminte de el, de ceea ce a fost si nu va mai fi, ceea ce as fi vrut sa fie si nu era.

In noaptea asta insa, iti fac o promisiune: n-o sa ma mai las luata la misto, n-o sa ma mai fac frumoasa pentru o intalnire, n-o sa mai astept dupa un telefon pe care nu-l primesc niciodata, n-o sa mai stau sa-mi imaginez zambetul, nasul, parul unor posibili iubiti, n-o sa mor de inima rea, n-o sa ma intreb daca vrea un sarut sau mai mult, daca e intr-adevar cazul sa-mi pierd capul.
O sa iubesc melodiile, cartile, marea, copacii, apusul soarelui… stiu ca ele vor fi mereu acolo pentru mine.
Iubirea oamenilor e diferita, se muta rapid, trece dintr-un pat in altul.
Unde o fi el acum? O fi tot la ea? Poate s-a intors deja la el acasa, au fost rapizi.
Da, s-a intors acasa, in asternuturile lui, si poate, pentru o clipa, se intreaba si el: “De ce?”
De ce se termina? Dar mai ales: “De ce incepe?”
Zambete, picioare incrucisate, maini care se simt singure… De ce incepe?
Cu persoanele cele mai absurde, cele pe care, daca le-ai cunoaste, le-ai evita,cele cu care nu va merge niciodata, nici macar pentru o clipa, si tie ti se pare ca merge de minune… De ce incepe?
Nu reusesc sa gasesc un raspuns valabil, nici macar unul.
Si simt ca am gresit totul, din primul moment. 
Si ma intreb ce s-ar fi intamplat daca l-as fi sarutat in fata celorlalti, daca am fi baut impreuna apa din acea fantana in Piazza di Trevi, daca n-as fi citit mesajele din telefonul lui, daca nu i-as fi respins trupul, de data aia, de datile alea…
Poate ar fi fost la fel, poate nu. Poate e mai bine asa.”

Rest my soul…


And if tonight my soul may find her peace in sleep, and sink in good oblivion,
and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower
then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created.
~D.H. Lawrence