"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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without you / fara tine

there’s no drug to cure this pain
this solitude deep inside
there’s no hallucinogen
there’s no hypnosis against it

it is insane to crave for your memory
as if you could heal all my tears
when in fact you are the one
that stabbed me with a smile upon the face

go away, go back, stay alone in the memories
it’s time to close this book
time to stop looking back in anger…
it hurts… yes, but I’m alive, without you

nu exista medicament pentru aceasta durere

pentru aceasta singuratate adanc in mine

nu exista halucinogen

nici hipnoza impotriva ei


e nebunie sa tanjesc dupa amintirea ta

ca si cum tu ai putea sa-mi vindeci toate lacrimile

cand de fapt tu esti  acela

care m-a injunghiat cu zambetul pe buze


pleaca, intoarce-te, ramai singur in amintiri

e timpul sa inchid aceasta carte

timpul sa nu mai privesc inapoi cu manie….

doare… da, dar sunt in viata, fara tine


Tir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og – animated short film directed by Fursy Teyssier

As a matter of… cat



Burned forest

“Black snow was falling. The tree line
shone when I turned to see –
I had wondered long and silent,
alone, trailing memory behind me.

And it seemed the stars, fixed as they were,
ground their teeth, a stiffened nexus,
an infernal machine, tolling
the halted hours of conciousness.

Then, a thick silence descends,
and my every gesture
leaves a comet tail in the heavens.

And I hear evey glance I cast
as it echoes against
some tree.

Child, what were you seeking there,
with your gangly arms and pointed shoulders
on which the wings were barely dry –
black snow drifting in the evening sky.

A horizon howling, far from view,
darting its tongues and anthracite,
dragged me forever down the mute row,
my body, half naked, sliding from sight.

In distances of smoke the town afire,
blazing beneath the planes, a frigid pyre.
We two, forest, what did we do?
Why did they burn you, forest, in a toga of ash –
and the moon no longer passes over you?”

“Cadeau fulgi negri. Sirul de copaci

Lucea, cand imi mutam pe el pirivirea

De-atata vreme rataceam tacut

tarandu-mi singur amintirea.

Şi se făcea că stelele scrâşnind
îşi îmbucau, înţepenite, dinţii.
Maşină infernală ce bătea
un timp oprit, al conştiinţii.

Apoi, se lasă o tăcere groasă
şi fiecare gest pe care-l fac
cozi de cometă-n aer lasă
şi fiece privire aruncată
o-aud cum sună întâlnind
vreun copac.

Ce căutai, copile, – acolo,
cu mâinile prelungi şi umeri ascuţiţi,
pe care-aripile abia de se uscară,
fulgi negri, balansându-se în seară.

Un orizont urlând şi nevăzut
zvârlindu-şi limbile şi antracitul,
întruna mă târa prin şirul mut,
aproape gol alunecându-mi trupul.

Ardea oraşu-n depărtări de fum,
ardea sub avioane rugu-i rece.
Noi doi, pădure, ce facum?
De ce te-au ars, pădure,-n fald de scrum
şi peste tine luna nu mai trece?”

Burned Forest/Padure Arsa, Nichita Stanescu

Walk on the Wild Side

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Did you smile today?


Solitude Within – Solitary Tree

growing far in the desert
I found a wonder tree
with branches arms towards the shooting stars
and roots deep inside the rivers of solitude

stars dance always above him
trying to convince him to open his eyes wide shut
but his soul is too affraid
he might lose all his tears

burned, battered and broken by the wind, though strong
he promissed himself never to bloom again.
oneday a blue bird will sing on his shoulder
and his sadness will turn again into spring