"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Tamally maak / Always With you – Budda Bar / Amir Diab

“I am always with You.
And even when you’re far from me,
your love is in my heart.

I’m always with you,
you’re always in my mind and in my heart,
and I never forget you.
I’m always missing you,
even when I’m with you.

I am always with You.
And even when you’re far from me,
your love is in my heart.

Always, My love, I’m missing you
Always my eyes are calling you
and even if the whole world is around me,
I’ll still say, my love I need you

I’m always with you
My heart is with you, my soul is with you
My dearest love
My dearest love

And no matter how far you are from me,
You’re always close to my heart
You’re my life and my future
You’re the best destiny.”


Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

A million dreams and two awards

Dear friends,

I am hereby thanking my friend Cherry Coley at  her beautiful blog SpilledCookies


She is a wonderful blogger with an extraordinary experience and a lots of love and sensitivity in her big big heart. I thank her for being there, being honest, being true, being generous with her thoughts and feelings, being supportive and, the less important detail, for nominating me for two awards. I don’t feel that I deserve them but I am sure happy to post this  and thank all those wonderful people that have inspired me and also followed my posts and enriched my soul with their comments.

Me? You know me… There’s nothing secret. I am a solitary soul living  next to the forest, I work with people every day, I believe in God and in Love and in Beauty. I escape the gray of this existence by reading and posting. I love poetry and children and animals and photography. And by saying this I kind of said it all about me.

For the awarding rules , please follow the link bellow


And now comes the part I enjoy the most, the nominations (each blogger is nominated for both awards):

1. Schtiel at  http://schtiel.wordpress.com/

2. O Lume In Imagini at  http://vizualw.wordpress.com/

3. Cristina at  http://chriszuletzuofficialblog.wordpress.com/

4. Lopamudra at  http://lopascribes.wordpress.com/

5. Dean J. Baker at  http://deanjbaker.wordpress.com/

6. J.P Bohannon at  http://jpbohannon.com/

7. Dugutigui at  http://damantigui.wordpress.com/

8. Rose at http://palestinerose.wordpress.com/

9. thedawnerupts at http://thedawnerupts.wordpress.com/

10. Carina at  http://piazzadcara.wordpress.com/

11. David at http://1meremortal.me/

12. Felicia at  http://myvoyagethroughtime.wordpress.com/

13. Julia at  http://thewritingaficionado.wordpress.com/

14. Lime at  http://limeisbetter.wordpress.com/

15. Stan at  http://www.stanshillingburg.com/

The list is much longer in my heart… 🙂

Thank you all, love you all. And Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!!!! ❤


Palm Sunday for Orthodox Christians – Duminica Floriilor pentru Crestini Ortodocsi

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Orthodox Christians celebrate today the Palm Sunday. Translated from Romanian it is actually called “the Flower Sunday”.

Crestinii ortodocsi sarbatoresc azi Duminica Floriilor. Tradus din romana ea ar insemna “Duminica Florilor”.

La multi ani tuturor celor care poartea nume de floare.

Happy name day to all those having names reminding of flowers(Violet, Rose, Lilly…).