"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Enjoy the silence

Did you smile today? :)

A mother’s love

Black & White



Fill your bowl with roses: the bowl, too, have of crystal.

Sit at the western window. Take the sun

Between your hands like a ball of flaming crystal,

Poise it to let it fall, but hold it still,

And meditate on the beauty of your existence;

The beauty of this, that you exist at all.


The sun goes down,—but without lamentation.

I close my eyes, and the stream of my sensation

In this, at least, grows clear to me:

Beauty is a word that has no meaning.

Beauty is naught to me.


The last blurred raindrops fall from the half-clear sky,

Eddying lightly, rose-tinged, in the windless wake of the sun.

The swallow ascending against cold waves of cloud

Seems winging upward over huge bleak stairs of stone.

The raindrop finds its way to the heart of the leaf-bud.

But no word finds its way to the heart of you.


This also is clear in the stream of my sensation:

That I am content, for the moment, Let me be.

How light the new grass looks with the rain-dust on it!

But heart is a word that has no meaning,

Heart means nothing to me.


To the end of the world I pass and back again

In flights of the mind; yet always find you here,

Remote, pale, unattached . . . O Circe-too-clear-eyed,

Watching amused your fawning tiger-thoughts,

Your wolves, your grotesque apes—relent, relent!

Be less wary for once: it is the evening.


But if I close my eyes what howlings greet me!

Do not persuade. Be tranquil. Here is flesh

With all its demons. Take it, sate yourself.

But leave my thoughts to me.”

by Conrad Aiken

The Sick Rose

“O Rose thou art sick.

The invisible worm

That flies in the night

In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed

Of crimson joy:

And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy.”

by William Blake


Who am I

To tell you

What is life?

I have no idea.

I just feel.

I caress your forehead

So you can feel too …

Time stretches its lead feet

Over our shadows

And yet

It does not nail us completely …

You taught me to fly …

I have grown wings

In the heart …

When i will lift myself

I will take you with me.

Cine sunt eu

Ca sa-ti spun

Ce e viata?

Habar n-am.

Eu doar simt.

Ti-as mangaia fruntea

Ca sa simti si tu…

Timpul isi intinde picioarele de plumb

Peste umbrele noastre

Si totusi

Nu ne pironeste de tot…

Ma invatai sa zbor…

Mi-au crescut aripi

In inima…

Cand o sa ma ridic

Am sa te iau cu mine.

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When I say I miss you

“When I say I miss you

I mean I miss riding

Beside you in your car,

My arm around your neck,

Playing with your hair

And being quiet so I can listen

To you singing in french.

When I say I miss you,

I mean i miss sitting

Anywhere close to you,

My arm around your waist,

Playing with your skin

Under my fingers

And whispering

How you make me feel.

When I say I miss you

I mean I wish

You were here so

I wouldn’t have to miss you

Another second and

I could hold you forever. ”

by Nick Downer

“Quand je dit tu me manque,

Je veux dire je manque etre a cote de toi,

Dans ta voiture,

Mon bra autour ton cou

Jouer avec tes cheveaux

Et etre silencieuse pour pouvoir t’ecouter

Chantes en francais.

Quand je dit tu me manque,

Je veux dire je manque m’asseoir,

Aupres de toi,

Mon bras autour de tes hanches,

Jouer avec ton peau

Sous mes doigts

Et murmurant

Comment tu me fais sentir.

Quand Je dit tu me manque,

Je veux dire j’aimerais

Que tu sois ici

Alors, je ne te manqerai pas

Un autre second et

Je pourrais te tenir pour toujours.”


~ Love of my life, my breath,

beat of my heart,

shelter of my soul,

light of my eyes,

voice of my solitude

my sorrow and  joy

at the end of my life it is only you

you, my beginning and my end

my smile and my release.

of all anxieties of this life

you are my only conclusion. ~


~ Amour de ma vie, mon souffle,

battement de mon coeur,

abri de mon ame,

lumiere de mes yeux,

voix de ma grande solitude

ma tristesse et de ma joie

au fin de la vie c’est seulment toi

toi, mon commence et ma fin

mon sourire et ma liberation.

de toute cette vie d’inquietudes

c’est toi ma seule conclusion.~

In Blue

losing myself

in blue eyes

that plunge

the very essence of me

to unfathomable depths

of azure

hurled to highest stratosphere

a human rocket

launched by penetrating gaze

of cobalt light sky

surrendering to

blue eyes

where dark lashes dart

flit – soar – dance

as birds above whitecapped waves                    

on twin sapphire seas

© Gregory Alan Dunbar

me perdre

dans les yeux bleus

qui plongent

l’essence même de moi

aux profondeurs insondables


lancé à la plus haute stratosphère

une fusée humaine

lancé par le regard pénétrant

de la lumière du ciel de cobalt

s’abandonner à

yeux bleus

où les cils noirs de fléchettes

flit – s’envoler – danse

comme les oiseaux au-dessus des vagues plafonee en blanc

sur les deux mers de saphir