"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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another sun dies
flowing slowly
like a drop of blood
over my heart.
still no sign of you
still I miss you in my humble dream
still I forgot the taste of your lips
still I can’t see your eyes
I am tired and a sea of sadness
lies in front of my eyes
whispering songs known
only to you.
I cover my heart
with dead leaves and
lay myself sleep.


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Cookie of the day

What do you think about this?



Sad Romance

Tired of looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow???

blue waves haiku

blue waves run in my
memory of us embraced
on a lost island

Mouth – Art

Some people are called “handicapped” because they have no arms or legs or cannot walk… But they manage to do things we are unable to even imagine…  We should really think twice before using that word…

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Pencil Drawing

True Love :)


Souad Massi – J’ai pas le temps

“On m’avais dit que la vie est belle
Mais moi je la trouve des fois cruelle
La fumé noir a pris la place du ciel
Les grandes tours ont caché les étoiles

J’ai plus de reves ,j’ai plus de maisons
J’ai pas de cheminée pour le feu
J’ai plus d’époque ,j’ai plus de saisons
J’ai pas de temps pour ce jeu
J’ai pas de temps pour ce jeu là
J’ai pas de temps pour ce jeu
J’ai pas de temps pour ce jeu là
J’ai pas de temps pour ce jeu

Attendre la nuit pour pleurer
Cacher ses larmes jusqu’au soir
Ecouter le vide nous murmurer
Jusqu’au matin notre histoire

Seule dans la rue déserte
Seule traversant l’hiver
Je marche sans tourner le tete
Je suis mon chemin de solitaire”


Souad Massi – Malou (What’s wrong?)

“what’s wrong with my heart that is so sad!

what’s wrong with the tears dropping on my cheek!

i never been happy growing up,

and i’ve never felt the time passing so fast

i closed my eyes, i opened them, and it was too late

what’s wrong with my heart so sensitive!

what’s wrong with me, i became so easily hurt!

why does everyone hurts me and makes me hate my life!?”
Souad Massi – for those who don’t know her: she’s algerian, her music features the acoustic guitar, displays Western musical style influences. Massi sings in Algerian Arabic, French, and occasionally English and Kabyle (Berber language).

READ !!!

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