"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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As a matter of… cat

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a 100 times you

you, my bohemian dream, my beautiful paradise
who entered like a bomb in my life

you install yourself in my heart, taking every bit of me
shaking my whole existence like a storm

you, with this light in your eyes, with this joy upon your face
with your burning fingers on my neck, setting me on fire

you, so strong and so delicate at the same time
holding my heart in your childlike world to grow it in your love garden

you, making us explode with your grain of craziness
you alone make time an eternity and life worth living

(100 words)

for you are

don’t go to the garden of flowers,
my love,
don’t go,
for you are my garden of flowers

do not look for eyes,
my soul,
do not search,
for you have the eyes of truth

do not look for words for
how much I love you,
my heart,
for you alone have my words of wisdom

don’t look at this world of ugly,
of ordinary and obscure
for you, my love,
you are my only beauty.

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The bitter truth




As a matter of…cat

A mother’s love

Cookie of the day

Did you smile today?

Joy Mandala

Sad souls and broken hearts,  happy or lonely people, may you all feel the joy!

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Cookie of the day


without you

no more space under my eyelids to hold on of you
I’ve lost you, you belong to the wind
you were mine when you didn’t even know it
when no one saw us
when we were lost in time

empty and marooned I am left
with the trace of you through me
torn heart that does not know anymore
how to keep on beating
without you

somewhere behind the end of the road
when the nothingness will recompose
we will rise again, you and me
the last pieces missing to make
the eternity real

She is still on the bed

She is still on the bed… White and still like the water of the deepest lake in the most peaceful morning…

Light flowing, dripping from behind heavy curtains… cool air caressing her face, entering her nostrils… sunshine touching her shivering eyelids… his hand on her back, his breath on her hair, his strong perfume floating, his voice, his sweet voice lingering in her ear…

She opens her big eyes, tries to sit on the edge of the bed, tries to keep her back straight and sighs, gasping for more life…

She closes her sad eyes… He left only a memory.

(100 words)



Photo Jürgen Heckel.

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