"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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As a matter of…cat


When she first saw him she felt like a blooming tree kissing his personal sun.

After years shiny days became gray and bitter and she knew that love is dying.

She felt that things are not right and her hopes vanished just like fading leafs in autumn.

The day he was gone she felt as if someone has taken an ax and cut her soul.

First it was anger, then it was despair and the question if it has been love.

Then she gave up on asking herself why.

Her soul is now as quiet  as a tree without roots.

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Living in a world without you

The summer is over and I stand on the edge of this rock where we stood together. I can remember the laughter, your words as we stood here, your arms around me, our eyes full of light, us facing the sea with dreams in our hair…

It felt as if we owned our eternity, as if we would have become immortal…

And then the whole world fell apart… the world, the dreams and us…

I know that life goes on…

But what nobody knows is that life has no more color since I am living in a world without you.

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deep blue, infinitely distant
voice of my absolute sadness
face of my unshaken feelings
shape of my immortal soul
deep is the color of your heart
perfectly sublime like
the look in your eyes
as deep as an ocean
of absolute sadness
of absolute broken heart
my absolute love
I absolutely cry for you


bleu profond, infiniment lointain
voix de ma tristesse absolue
visage de mes sentiments inébranlables
forme de mon âme immortelle
profonde est la couleur de ton coeur
parfaitement sublime comme
le regard dans tes yeux
aussi profond qu’un océan
de tristesse absolue
de cœur brisé absolue
mon amour absolu
j’absolument pleure pour toi