"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Black & White


cover me with you
fill me with you
fill the space around me

cover me with you
you are all
I see


Love Haiku

couple on the lake
happy to be so in love
waves dancing around

Cookie of the day

Living in harmony

Black & White

Silence & Rock

Phoenix – Apocalipsa

Staind – It’s Been A While

Lacuna Coil  – Trip The Darkness

Lacuna Coil – Our Truth

Rammstein & TATU – Evangelion

Scars Of Life – Bullet With Your Name On It

The Rasmus feat. Anette Olzon – October & April

Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen – Bittersweet

Slipknot – Snuff

Cargo – Daca ploaia s-ar opri


As a matter of… cat

Fall Emotion

Fall Emotion, by Nichita Stanescu

“Fall has come, cover my heart with some thing,
with the shade of a tree, or better, your shade bring.

I’m scared that I’m not gonna see you, sometimes
that I will grow wings pointing towards the clouds,
that you will take refuge in a foreign eye,
and with wormwood leaf it will close you from sight.

And then I approach stones and I keep silent
I take the words into the sea to shove
I whistle at the moon and rise it and turn it
into a great love.”


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Ink Wings

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Wings from another life

Carved in our shell

As a reminder from a dream in which

We defy it all



As a matter of… cat


Did you smile today?


Vangelis & Vanessa Mae – Roxanne’s Veil

Reamon – Sometimes


Look at my eyes in this mirror
All this empty life around me
Countless moments of solitude
All alike

Quiet sadness falling like a veil over my eyes
Trying to fill the gaps that remained
Between my soul and my breath
When all fell into pieces

Nothing will erase the happy moments
Love will never die
Though nobody will ever replace what has died
And nothing will ever be the same again

Be quiet, life goes on
The page turns on it’s own, against your will
Even if there’s only an empty bed
And an empty soul to live with


100 words

Remember to Pray

Cookie of the day

Body and Beauty

Nothing Special


Nothing special. She knew that she was just one of those he liked to kill time with when he got bored with his good life, when he needed to feel strong and special and smart.
She used to admire his beautiful clothes, she loved to caress him,  her eyes closed,  smelling his perfume. She was always natural and childish, and she saw in his eyes that he loved it. And every time he came she could not stop the feeling that she knew him better then all others.
Sensual she was. He used to tell her so. Beautiful, simple and unique. That’s what he told her often together with quotes from old songs lyrics that he thought she would not recognize. But she always did, smiled and kissed him.
“Silly woman” he thought. “She thinks she knows all better. She thinks she knows me better than all. Well, she knows nothing. How can she know the hell I’ve been through all my life?”
He liked her. He could not stand the thought she might know his fears and solitude but he was incurably attracted to her. Could never say why.
One morning he called her. Someone else answered the phone.
“No, she does not live here anymore. She moved out. She only left a note for you.”
Short breath, shock, panic. He needed to find her. How could she leave him like that? A note? She left him a note?  That was all?
Hand shivering he knocked at the door. A tall man opened ,gave him a puzzled look., then returned with the note and gave it to him.
He stopped and sat on the stairs opening the folded piece of paper:
I loved you, but I know, I don’t know you at all. You are right, I’m nothing special.


300 words

Bluebird Haiku

spreading wide her wings
the bluebird of happiness
comes into the light