"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Simply Rock – Luna Amara / The Bitter Moon

Luna Amara/The Bitter Moon – In Cercuri/In Circles

“there’s nothing to give to take and I return in us
I look for a second to hide me in soft silences
I know that in ths chaos is a rest and that in rest there’s a dead sound
but my love, my surprise, I cannot always stand
only you, me not
engraved in circle I accompany you and i save you of all that’s blind
beyond clouds beyond dawn i sip poisons
between us and I there are many keys and so many doors to break
and by the gates so many dead and I try to share them
just you, me not
your face painted badly and three knives I have dreamed
sad masacre necessary simulation and good for adoration
the circle has closed and all that’s dream now has happened in you
just you, me not
all that is unspoken
and in the black silence we will hold by the hand
a diferent kind of drog
and I will not pray
I will not try to make them understand”


“nu mai e nimic de dat nimic de luat si eu-ntorc in noi
caut o secunda sa m-ascunda de aceste linisti moi
stiu ca-n acest haos e-un repaos si-n repaos e un sunet mort
dar iubirea mea, mirarea mea, nu pot mereu sa il suport
doar tu eu nu
incrustat in cerc eu te petrec si te salvez de tot ce-i orb
dincolo de nori dincolo de zori otravuri eu sorb
intre noi si eu sunt multe chei si-atat de multe usi de spart
si pe langa porti atatia morti si eu incerc sa ii impart
doar tu eu nu
chipul tau vopsit a rau si trei cutite am visat
trist masacru simulacru necesar si bun de adorat
si pe langa usi sunt doar cenusi pe care le-am gustat
cercul s-a inchis si tot ce-i vis acum in tine s-a-ntamplat
doar tu eu nu
tot ce-i nespus
o sa moara supus
si-n linistea neagra de mana vom duce
un altfel de drog
si n-am sa ma rog
n-am sa incerc sa ii fac sa-nteleaga”


Luna Amara/ The Bitter Moon – In Gol/ In Emptiness

“I stay to listen how you throw
Great words like mud waves
I know how to listen to you when you try
Your tongue in purple blood to drown
I can help you if you want
To take the first stone from the ground
I want you to feel my heavy temples
Fallen in emptiness under your stone
I’m not rising words in the wind
My crucified tongue is silent in the song
You are a passing evil
Mediocre, false, deceptive
Blind if you were, I would amaze you
Of blood, through your eardrums I would empty you
Don’t try to understand
Your guilt is that you wanted to knot, not to untie
I know, it’s hard for you to understand
Simple things, natural events
We conspire to steal you
your precious poisonous nothing
Yes, we are everywhere
Lurking shadows in your world
But we only have one role
To watch you as you throw yourself into the emptiness
Even if I would want to forgive your nothing
I cannot lie anymore
That I’m sorry
That you’re sorry
You should be sorry…”


“Stau sa te-aud cum arunci
Vorbe mari ca valuri de noroi.
Stiu sa te-ascult cand incerci,
Limba-n sange vanat sa-ti ineci.
Pot sa te-ajut, daca vrei,
Prima piatra de pe jos s-o iei.
Vreau sa imi simti tampla grea,
Rasturnata-n gol sub piatra ta.
Eu nu ridic vorbe-n vant,
Rastignita-mi limba tace-n cant.
Tu esti un rau trecator,
Mediocru, fals, amagitor.
Orb de ai, te-as uimi.
De sange, prin timpane, te-as goli.
Nu cauta sa-ntelegi.
Vina ta-i ca-i vrut sa-nnozi, nu sa dezlegi.
Stiu, iti e greu sa-ntelegi
Lucruri simple, intamplari firesti.
Noi, conspiram sa-ti furam
Pretiosul tau nimic inveninat.
Da, noi suntem peste tot.
Umbre serpuite-n lumea ta.
Da, noi avem doar un rol:
Sa privim cum te arungi in gol.
Chiar de-as vrea sa iert nimicul tau
Nu mai pot sa mint
Ca-mi pare rau
Ca-ti pare rau
Sa-tï para rau…”


Luna Amara / The Bitter Moon – Versus

“today and yesterday
and all is left for you is only to ask
nights and a day
in which you don’t have a sense to exist anymore
head up
fist closed
in grey
burned and wet
of rains of fear your nude soul
do you remember-
hungry child
of a crude air?
when we did not exist.
them and us
and there are no more angels and heroes
is shared to us by a very small devil
do you still know anything
about your mind
when it did not see?
when we did not exist.
extinguished – lit
of a lie that kept on spreading
can you- can’t you
take all with you in silences?
you get too tired
to dig
in your head
in what is bad
wouldn’t you try
to be surprised?
of all those
from when we did not exist.”


“azi şi ieri
şi tot ce ţi-a rămas e doar să ceri
nopţi şi-o zi
în care nu mai ai un sens de-a fi
cu capul sus
cu pumnul strâns
în gri
ars şi ud
de ploi de frică-n sufletul tău nud
te vezi în gând
– copil flămând
de-un aer crud?
atunci când nu eram.
ei şi noi
şi nu mai sunt nici îngeri nici eroi
tot – nimic
ne e-mpărţit de-un diavol foarte mic
mai ştii ceva
de mintea ta
când nu vedea?
atunci când nu eram.
stins – aprins
de o minciună ce s-a tot întins
poţi – nu poţi
cu tine în tăceri să-i duci pe toţi?
prea oboseşti
să scormoneşti
în capul tău
în ce e rău
n-ai vrea să-ncerci
să te mai miri?
de toate-acele
de-atunci când nu eram.”


translations: memyselfandela, 2012

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