"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Archive for December 12, 2012

The path to my light

as I am getting closer
to cross over distance and space
I hear my heart beating
in a frenetic pace

every second spells effort
and each moment brings fight
still I’ll not get lost
in the dark of this night

at the end of the journey
sun will rise far more bright
I must fight my own demons
before embracing my light


memyselfandela, 2012


“There’s a raging fire in my heart tonight
Growing higher and higher in my soul
There’s a raging fire in the sky tonight
I want to ride on the silver dawn
Far into the night
Till I make you take me
On your mighty wings
Make you take me
On your mighty wings across the sky
Take me on your mighty wings
Take me on your mighty wings tonight

With just a little luck
A little cold blue steel
I cut the night like a razor blade
Till I feel the way I want to feel
There’s a raging fire in my heart tonight
Growing higher and higher in my soul
There’s a raging fire in the sky tonight
I want to ride on the silver dove
Far into the night”

Cheap Trick – Mighty Wings

Couple, Ana Blandiana


“Some see only you,
Others see me only
We overlap so perfectly
That no one can see us at the same time
And nobody dares to live on the edge
From where we can both be seen.
You see only the moon
I see only the sun,
You you miss the sun,
I miss the moon
Standing back to back,
Our bones have came together a long time ago
The blood leads rumors
From one heart to another.
How are you?
If the lift arm
And extend it well back
I find your sweet collarbone
And, rising, the fingers touch
Your holy lips
Then suddenly they turn and crush
By mouth to bleeding.
How are we?
We have four arms to defend ourselves,
But I can only hit the enemy in front of me
And you only enemy in front of you,
We have four legs to run,
But you can only escape your side
And I’m just on the other side.
Every step is a battle for life and death.
We are equal?
Will we die at the same time or one will bear,
For a while,
The body of the other stuck to himself
Poisoning him slowly, too slowly, with death?
Or maybe the other one will not die completely
Wearing for eternity
The sweet burden of the other,
Atrophied  for ever,
As a  humpback,
Or a wart …
Oh, but only we know the longing
Of looking in eachother’s eyes
and so understand all completely,
But we stand back to back,
Raised as two branches
And if one of us would tear himself,
Sacrificing himself for a glance,
would see only the back of the one from which he has pulled himself
the bloody, cold back
of the other.”


translation: memyselfandela, 2012

Poem, Nichita Stanescu


“Tell me, if I would catch you someday
and kiss the sole of your foot,
you would limp a little bit afterwards, isn’t it,
in fear not to crush my kiss?… ”
translation: memyselfandela, 2012

~ Cure for all pain ~

~ God alone keeps the cure for all pain
In the morning dew, in the mist of the magical forest,
Deepest place, darkest corner in the heart
Where only He allows light to enter….~

~ Fairy~fingers touch purple bells
Where foxes hide, where lamb~tongues are still,
Where witch~gloves make themselves poisons
For dead men with no dreams…~

~ Heavenly flowers turn into life elixirs
As they open their eyes full of memories,
Whispering unspoken prayers
For the everlasting glory of God…~

memyselfandela, 2010