"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.


And then a moment if anger and disbelief confusion and sadness.

Rest in peace young ones my heart is heavy for you may you find safety in the grace of god.

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I have learned

We have have time for everything but sometimes not for the ones we love, for we take them for granted.
Time to sleep, time to work, time to feel angry or depressed, time to make many mistakes, time to forget them, time to repeat them, time to sometimes remember not to make the same mistake again.
We have time to blame others on many things we could have done ourselves, time to be blind, time to open our eyes, time to think again of what happened a year ago, or yesterday.
We have time to make promisses and break them, time to live in a dream, time to fall from the dream and suffer.
In our life will show up people influencing our path, people to show our strengths and weaknesses.
Some we will love, some will love us, some will hurt us many times
some will answer our questions, some will find many reasons not to answer
some will build dreams with us, some will reinvent themselves for our sake
some will be true friends, some will never be there for us.
We have time for the many lessons of life, for it’s uppercuts and seasons, we have time for almost everything.
I’ve learned that most people love only themselves, and when it comes to kindness and tenderness, most people die before they can even start.
I have learned that you don’t need to convince someone to love you, for if they don’t they will find their way away from you anyway.
I have learned that as much as I try to keep my promisses, most of the people around me will find reasons to forget theirs.
It takes years to get to trust someone, but a moment can be enough to lose that faith.
I always thought it does not matter what one has in life, but people around me keep telling me it’s better to cry in a car than in the rain. Well, this is a lesson I refuse to believe in. I know they will call me stupid, but I chose my path in life.
I’ve learned that out there are many charming people, and behind that charm there’s either a tragedy or big lie.

I’ve learned that it is impossible to know a soul from the first moment, but that the soul will either reveal itself, or God will reveal it for you.
I’ve learned that regardless of what people say, there comes always the moment of truth when words don’t matter anymore and facts speak, and that whoever cares and loves you will always find a way to you.
I’ve learned that yes, every single little thing has two sides, but also that we can choose our side.
I’ve learned to express my love in a silly way, every day, for I know that it might be the last one.
I’ve learned that the human endurance can overpass anything when it’s based on true love.
I’ve learned to be strong, but not to never feel fear, so I’ve learned to do all I can possibly do at the right time.
I’ve learned that even if someone loves you, they might keep distance to find their balance, to test you or to make sure they don’t hurt you.
I’ve learned that one of the most painful things in life is the silence and distance of the one we love.
I’ve learned that silence is often an answer and that sometimes we must understand the opposite of what we are told so we can see the truth.
I’ve learned that even though the world will keep moving in spite of your pain, those that love you will always be there with you, even from a distance.
I’ve learned that the past and circumstances and complications can alter a soul and change a personality, but also that we are responsible for what we have become and it’s never too late to become better souls.
I’ve learned to not always judge, but also to give space and time, for I know that time heals, helps, builds and reveals the truth better than any word of wisdom.
I’ve learned that being honest to your heart is the only valid path in life.
I’ve learned to accept the moment that changes lives, the angels that come to help us, the gift of friendship, love, life and even the death.
I’ve learned that the human suffering can be eased by a simple smile, by a warm embrace, by a word of comfort, by so many things that don’t cost a thing on the material level. But I’ve also learned that most people don’t really care about others.
I’ve learned that the time with our loved one is always too short.

Hands Holding Orchids
I am still learning how to be grateful for everything. And how to pray the more and more silently. And how to love. Every day and forever.
And I am loved.


memyselfandela, 2012


“Nobody knows that I love you

Only my soul

and he is silent.

Nobody will know that I love you,

only my soul

which is quieter than ever.

My soul and my voice

because the motr scream I love you,

you do not want to listen.

Now I know what is silence

Now I do.

I wait every day

the waiting time.

You are in my child dreams

and in my great needs.

In the silences that are beyond

to confess in the afternoon.

In the heavy silence

full of loneliness.

I wait and not tell you

where you can find me.

I love you and I do not wait for you

Because it hurts.

I  have you and I can not have you,

because I can not find you.

Because in my days of adult

I can come after you,

Because in my child nights

The cry comes to find me.

Because I love you innocent

because I hate implacable

because my sex is forgotten,

but I forget not my blood.

You have sought and found me,

Now I wait,

and you do not come to me.

An angel has lost his voice in the silence,

but I speak to your soul

soul magical and mysterious.

I do not know if I’ll ever hear the voice of an angel

I do not

really, I do not

because your soul is mine

My soul is trapped.

If our souls before God are one,

it will be the soul of our children,

and our children’s children … ”


” Nadie sabe que te amo,

sólo mi alma

y es muda.

Nadie sabrá que sigo amándote,

sólo mi…

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Distant stars laughing

at the song of nightingales

the universe dreams.

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Everytime we touch

I feel my fingers burning

everytime you go

I know your heart is bursting

summer sun is upon us.

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Sliding from the dragonfly wings

to the back of the fish

in the flesh of the shell

the pearl of light

becomes tranquillity.


Alunecand de pe aripile libelulei

pe spinarea pestelui

in carnea scoicii

perla de lumina

devine liniste.

Memyselfandela, 2011

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it is at moments after i have dreamed


"it is at moments after i have dreamed
of the rare entertainment of your eyes,
when (being fool to fancy) i have deemed
with your peculiar mouth my heart made wise;
at moments when the glassy darkness holds
the genuine apparition of your smile
(it was through tears always)and silence moulds
such strangeness as was mine a little while;
moments when my once more illustrious arms
are filled with fascination, when my breast
wears the intolerant brightness of your charms:
one pierced moment whiter than the rest
-turning from the tremendous lie of sleep
i watch the roses of the day grow deep."
e. e. cummings

never know


I’ll never know how
to tell you how much I love you
words are just
clumsy groups of sounds
blind bunches of letters
so I’ll quietly
just show you
my love


memyselfandela, 2012


Did you smile today?



Find time