"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Music for My Heart

When Nobody Sees Me

“Sometimes I get high, spin around a thousand times
Sometimes I lock myself behind open doors
Sometimes I tell you why all the silence
It’s just that sometimes I’m yours and at others I belong to the wind
Sometimes I belong to one, at others to a hundred
And there are times, baby, I swear I think:
“Why is it so hard to feel the way I do?”
Feel like I do, that it’s hard
Sometimes I look at you and sometimes you let me
You lend me your wings, retrace your footprints
Sometimes for all though you never fail me
Sometimes I’m yours sometimes I’m noone’s
Sometimes I swear for real that I feel bad about
Not giving you my whole life, instead giving you only these moments
Why is it so hard? Living is all about this
Living, it’s all about it. Why is is so hard?

When no one sees me
I can be or not be when no one’s see me
I put the world upside down
When no one sees me my skin doesn’t trap me
When no one sees me
I can be or not be
When no one sees me

I write to you from the dephts of my existence
From where the anxieties and the infinite essence arise
There are things so particularly yours that i don’t understand
And there are things so particular to me, but i don’t see them
I suppose i think i don’t have them
I don’t understand my life, the verses light up
In the darkness I can have you
I feel I don’t get it right
Don’t turn on the lights cause i’m baring
My soul and my body

When no one sees me
I can be or not be
When no one sees me
I resemble your skin
When no one sees me
I think about her too
When no one sees me
I can be or not be
When no one sees me
My skin is not the limit

Sometimes I get high, do a thousand twirls
I lock you in my eyes behind open doors
Sometimes i tell you why all the silence
Sometimes i’m yours and sometimes i belong to the wind
Sometimes to the wind
Sometimes to the time”


Last minutes. They were down at the bar, looking deep in each other’s eyes, in an unspoken killing silence.
He knew he has to leave now, tonight, for he was supposed to stay only for one night, but he managed to call his wife and stay a whole week end. She managed to call her husband and ask how were the children doing, saying that her sales meeting was to be extended for another day.
She was looking at him with a screaming passionate sadness that was tearing them both apart. Deep deep sadness, her lips still hot, pulsating from his lips, from his taste, from his passion.
She put her hand on his cheek, trying to caress him, trying to comfort him, even though she was dying inside. Then her arm slided around his neck and she got closer to him.
Time to go. He completely forgot his drink, he could not get his eyes from her eyes. No words spoken, only a shredded heart that had to go now, half in her chest, half in his, bleeding for God knows how long.
Without even breathing he took her in his arms for a last time before taking his luggage and going for his flight. Tears streamed in her eyes, tears in the corner of his eyes, he held her so tight that none of them could even breath for a minute.

Their heart was one for another few moments.


He found his way to her lips and kissed her as if it would have been their last day of life.
As he kissed her and held her so tight a thought fell like a lightning in his mind:
“Why can’t we be free? Why do we have to leave at all? Why? Why?? Why??? Life’s such a damn bitch!!!!!!!”


300 words

memyselfandela, 2013

This is my entry for the Trifecta Challenge of this week.