"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Good Night


Holding Hand


You’ll hear so many stories about love.
But I say: don’t believe any.
They say love is beautiful,
That it gives butterflies in the stomach,
Love is passion, love is great, love defeats all demons…
Love has many shapes, can come from a child, brother, mother, friend, lover…
I think words mean nothing.
Love should be no lie, no forgotten promise, no fantasy, no dream.
Love is something tangible.
Whoever loves you will not make you cry or suffer
And will never stand the thought of hurting you.
Love is no losing game. It’s just the ever present holding hand.

100 words

memyselfandela, 2013



As I ponder in the middle of my night
On the weight of this world
I would spread myself into pieces
To become one with the universe
Hoping to find there all my answers.

I would make myself a field of dandelions
Scattered by the winds towards all skylines…

Words I have said will never return to me
Countless downs and feathers
That I let float in the air from the tip of the highest mountain…

Sadness I have felt will never turn into happiness
If I would make myself tears
And lose myself in the vast ocean…

What would it serve me to be unique
If I lost the meaning of life?
We are all one, interconnected
Nothing belongs to us
We are each an atom of eternity.


memyselfandela, 2013





Nobody except for myself
Knows how I feel
And it’s fine like this
For I can’t stand lies
It hurts to wait
For fantasies that never have time
To get life and exist
That’s why I never let go
Of my own shadow
Me, myself and I
That’s all I will ever have
My only balance.


memyselfandela, 2013




Tonight I keep my thoughts for myself
No more visceral dreams
There’s no place in your reality that I can call mine
I’ll empty my harp marked bottle of bitterness
And maybe I’ll find a taste of understanding
While I’ll look at the ceiling and feel
Every damn chord of my deserted soul


memyselfandela, 2013


Dark Loving Night


Holding you with longing arms
Burying you in her black hungry eyes,
Never letting you go,
Deep within you and all around…
Nobody knows better who you are
Than the dark loving night.

33 words

memyselfandela, 2013

This is my entry for the Trifecta Challenge


We kissed, we embraced, we laughed and we cried / Ne-am sărutat, ne-am strâns, am râs şi-am plâns


We kissed, we embraced, we laughed and we cried/Ne-am sărutat, ne-am strâns, am râs şi-am plâns,

by Mihai Beniuc
“We kissed, we embraced, we laughed and we cried,
We broke up, we reconciled and
We kissed passionately like barbarians,
Knowing that we will cry after we embraced.
I do not even think it has any point from now on
To make all forms and kinds of vows
For we may avoid to bump on the way
And we will look at each other simpler, more quietly.
We are like the poles of a voltaic arc
That make a bridge, of fire,when they are close;
Or maybe it’s just me, poor poet,
Telluric Anteus of the archaic myth,
I ignite myself at your bosom. – If they will bury us
In two, the tomb will be our volcano.”


Ne-am sărutat, ne-am strâns, am râs şi-am plâns,
Ne-am despărţit, ne-am împăcat iar

Cu patimă ne-am sărutat barbar,
Ştiind că-om plânge, după ce ne-am strâns.

Nici nu mai cred că are rost de-acum
Să facem fel şi chip de jurăminte,
Că ne-om feri să ne ciocnim în drum
Şi ne-om privi mai simplu, mai cuminte.

Suntem ca polii unui arc voltaic
Ce punte fac, de foc, când stau aproape;
Ori poate numai eu, poet sărman,
Teluricul Anteu din mit arhaic,
La sânul tău m-aprind. – De-or să ne-ngroape
În doi, mormântul ne va fi vulcan.”

translation from Romanian / traducere din romana: memyselfandela/Adela Galasiu, 2013