"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Path of joy , path of tears…
All that love can become we cannot foresee
Time shows us always the way aside from fears
Hope guides our souls on the course meant to be.


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memyselfandela, 2013

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Photo: memyselfandela, 2004, Sibiu, Romania

Tu es toute douceur / You are all sweetness


Tu es toute douceur, tu m’as dit
Mais tu as toujours été amoureux de toi-même.

N’importe quel amour tu a  reçu
Tu as toujours pensé que tu vaut plus.

Fantasie sur fantasie, obscurité de la pensée et désirs
Remplissent ton cœur, vident mon âme,  violent tout l’innocence.

Mes yeux inondés de larmes te rendent heureux
Sacrifie moi,  tu n’as jamais su quoi aimer vraiment veut dire.

Trop tard, maintenent mes ailes  brisées
Se ferment sur mon  âme dans un autre vie.

You are all sweetness, you told me
But you’ve always been in love with yourself.

No matter what love you have received
You have always thought you’re worth more.

Fantasie on fantasy, darkness of thought and desires
Fill your heart, empty my soul, violate all innocence.

My eyes flooded with tears make you happy
Sacrifice me, you never knew what love really means.

Too late, now my broken wings
Close themselves on my soul in another life.


memyselfandela, 2013

Night Thought


Tonight I write no poems, but silence.
My thoughts go humble to all those
That lay their head in silence and solitude, night by night,
That rest their body, but never their soul,
That never feel loved, for nobody calls their name,
To all that leave this world in silence , like children that forget to scream when they get born in another life,
To all that suffer unknown and misunderstood
To all the pains that grow unspoken in bones and flesh and chords of souls
To all the unspoken words  that scream inside the hearts…
May God love you, heal you, save you, rest you, comfort you, bless you all.