"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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I never wonder why I love Lana’s music so much.

She sings of tragedy, life, love and loss… Of missing, of kissing, of crazy loving, of being born to die and of living life…

She’s more alive than so many others.



The Sound Of Missing You


Dare to be Crazy

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Yes, I dare you all. We would never ever survive unless we get a little crazy…
I am crazy, I admit it. This spark of craziness and passion makes me who I am, this makes life worth living and I am happy with it. 😀

Thoughts Of The Day

Today was sunny in the morning and got a bit cold and cloudy in the afternoon, but the day was still very nice day for me.
After getting to the city and  solving few problems I went to the donation centre. It was the first time when I went there so it took me some time to find the exact location.


The information I had been given was that the church was the donation place for today, so first I entered the church (where was a funeral service for a young woman that unfortunately passed away), then I asked for details and I found out that I only had to cross the street and get inside the church hall where the donation centre was set for the day.

The story of me becoming a donor is a long story. Many years ago, back in Romania, I wanted once to donate blood for a child in desperate need and I was told that I can’t, because I would have been not in good health. I was very upset because my blood group is O negative, a very rare one, and I have heard many people asking for this group of blood for operations, yet because my Romanian family doctor was not fair enough to test my blood properly I have not been able to donate blood.
When I came to UK I have asked for new blood tests and I was absolutely amazed to hear that I am perfectly ok and I can donate. So here I was, after a while of waiting for the appointment day to come, I could finally go there and make one of my dreams come true.
The nurses that took care of the donors were amazing, kind, caring, they have spent time with all of us trying to inform us and get all details about us. The donation itself takes not much at all. After that we have all been offered drinks and cookies and we could rest for as long as we needed before we left the hall.
I must say it was a nice day for me because it was great to see all the people there, people of all ages that gave a bit of themselves just to help someone they don’t even know. I would say, if you have never tried it or never thought of it, just to get some information and try. You never know when one of your own family might need a pint of blood, or maybe even yourself. It’s no stress, it’s no bad feeling, you will not faint nor feel bad, you will just lie on a donation chair for 7-10 minutes and you will not even know when it’s done, it goes that fast. But that pint of blood that you give will be a life saver for someone, or will increase the chances of survival. Or will be used for students that study medicine and that in the future will become doctors and will save lives. However you look at it , it’s still a positive thing.
After going out I have enjoyed very much the little streets and houses and I have even taken few pictures for you to enjoy. I met many children in uniforms coming back from school, people coming back from work and even two cats taking a walk on the alley.

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It was a beautiful day today, and I wish you all a beautiful evening.
May your heart be full of light, may your spirit smile, may you be loved and healthy.
Much love to you all.

Music for My Heart


Good Morning World

new_growth_____by_androxa-d3e6xjz  Bright morning here close to London.

I am getting ready to go to the city to solve few problems, stop at the bank, donate blood and do some shoppings. I have a day off in the middle of the week which is very helpful.

I wish you all a fantastic day full of light, love and hope.

Much love to all.


As a matter of…cat

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I need no forgiveness for being myself,  I love you the best
There’s nothing that can cool this burning heart of mine
I’ve lost it all and found it all with you in my arms
I have no name, I am you and you are my love
You have no other, you are me and I am your passion
No matter where our footsteps go we will always return to us.


memyselfandela, 2013