"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Bread as you have never seen before


white bishop


White Bishop – Emeric Imre

“now I am emptier than ever

since I feel more and more rich of you

and the sun and the moon stay on my temples

now I am the worst and the best

and look, there is nobody to help us

the world barely holds her own weight

and in a white wall of mute muses

the black bishops look for a path

and I love you with pitty and horror
all that is yours belongs to me
like a white bishop that captures
the black queen for eternity

I miss you and I look for your face

in every corner of existance

if I take the sand in my han

I feel a ring playing the game of bride and groom

I hear you in battles from time to time

the soldiers of your guards honour you

my beloved with very great problems


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watch me!

the joy


hear in both ears
the music of rolling waves
everlasting joy

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Viens lentement t’asseoir , Emile Verhaeren


Viens lentement t’asseoir
Près du parterre dont le soir
Ferme les fleurs de tranquille lumière,
Laisse filtrer la grande nuit en toi:
Nous sommes trop heureux pour que sa mer d’effroi
Trouble notre prière.

Là-haut, le pur cristal des étoiles s’éclaire:
Voici le firmament plus net et translucide
Qu’un étang bleu ou qu’un vitrail d’abside;
Et puis voici le ciel qui regarde à travers.

Les mille voix de l’énorme mystère
Parlent autour de toi,
Les mille lois de la nature entière
Bougent autour de toi,
Les arcs d’argent de l’invisible
Prennent ton âme et sa ferveur pour cible.
Mais tu n’as peur, oh ! simple coeur,
Mais tu n’as peur, puisque ta foi
Est que toute la terre collabore
A cet amour que fit éclore
La vie et son mystère en toi.

Joins donc les mains tranquillement
Et doucement adore ;
Un grand conseil de pureté
Flotte, comme une étrange…

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She dreams of your love

Sipping slowly her coffee

You dream of other.

Love goes from a bed

To another not caring

Noone has it all.

In the morning cold

curious eyes remember

the skyline of bliss.

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Tiny soul


Tiny eyes looking at me

tiny glance comming from your

tiny soul full of light

tiny paws made out of tenderness

reaching out for me

waiting for my hands to touch you

and bring tiny dreams all around you…

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0 - combo

I often not tell you a word about who I am.
Long way to get to my heart,
pondering wether you are born to make it.

Take the comforting smile and never ask what lies behind it.
I exhaust you with monsoons of thoughts to keep you safe
so you never hear the deepest silence burying my soul alive.

Countless innuendos paving the path between us
trying to teach me more, bypassing straight answers.
The one and only will walk the last mile.


memyselfandela, 2013

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Sibiu. My City. My Love


I watched you sleep
Like only one that passionately loves you ever could.
I was there awake watching over you
When nobody was around
And no sounds were disturbing your deep sleep.
I was there when you opened your smiling eyes
And when hungry pigeons came to feed at your feet.
Sibiu. My city. My stone. My root. My love.
Te-am privit dormind
Cum doar cineva care te iubeste cu pasiune o poate face.
Am fost acolo vegiind asupra ta
Cand nu era nimeni in preajma
Si sunete nu deranjau somnul tau adanc.
Am fost acolo cand ti-ai deschis ochii zambitori
Si cand porumbei infometati au venit sa manance la picioarele tale.
Sibiu. Orasul meu. Piatra mea. Radacina mea. Dragostea mea.


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Photos: memyselfandela, November 2013

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