"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry


Dejected (A Duet Post)


neglected quantity of the day
passes off surreal
quiet soul
gliding on time’s breeze
she’ll fly away to a shelter
where wounds can heal
she’ll cover her eyes
with broken wings
knowing that she will fly higher

gliding on time’s breeze
an unheard soul
passes off unseen
to a shelter secluded
where none shall hear
cries of a wounded heart
she’ll cover her eyes
with broken wings
awaiting for the wind
to whisper her
“Beloved, it’s time”

she’ll rise
spread her wings
fly off
higher and higher
on a plane higher
tap the lone cloud with her feet
bounce in the glory of sunshine
flap her wings
squeak and babble in glee…
that’s the core of a bird’s spirit,
what’s yours?

Poem: Arjun Bagga & Memyselfandela, 2013
Please follow the challenging blog of  Arjun Bagga, great soul, dreamer and critical observer ,  poet, prose writer and photographer. His objective yet melancholic view on life and human character will convince you to go through his blog.  His amazing poetry of image will make you reflect.                       http://arjunbagga.wordpress.com
Arjun, thank you for accepting to write with me, you honored me in image, thought and friendship.



Art. The most intense form of individualism ever known.

Pure art filled his hungry eyes. Windows – paintings mirroring shreads of a huge reality, each another reason to run away from his own life and recreate it from scrap. Balconies – masks hiding millions of known faces, seductively passing him by in the night, leaving him only a whisper reminding him of her. All beautiful, but none real and shiny like the light in her eyes.

Masks. He looked up again at the building while lighting himself another cigarette, then continued his journey towards the day when he will meet her again.


memyselfandela, 2013, Friday Fictioneers

Photo: Copyright –Kent Bonham

Heartbreak Redemption


Her pervious mind borrowed the cheerful child spirit into the age of balanced assertive thinking. Driven by her kinaesthetic sense she tried it all, got hurt often badly and learned her lessons very well. She made the rough journey from  “carpe diem” to “memento mori”, deprecating her own ego and boosting her heart. Mitigating the material side of the existance she found greatest joy in the petty things full of life that surrounded her and her passionate heart got freed in time from many kinds of emotional skins revealing the core of a big romantic whose eyes closed for many things that make other women happy. For her winks coming from men, being touched accidentally or random compliments meant nothing, there was something above all these things that made her recognize love. Only one beautiful mind and one true loving heart could have been her love. She was completely resolute in her decision of never accepting half measures. She knew what she wanted and she did not allow anyone to waste her time.
And the day came when her fiery soul recognized that unique spark in his eyes. Completely silent in front of this epiphany of her life she felt that she found her one drop of peace in the deep blue ocean of torment: the enfant terrible found redemption.

¬ As I sink in the
beauty in your deep true eyes
my heart smiles and sings. ¬


220 words, memyselfandela, 2013 , Ligo Haibun Challenge

To Be Or Not To Be?


Empty (bones)
crystalized (star)dust
bits of mo(ve)ment and fracture
a skeleton of past and loss
inhabited by phantom questions.
Only you give sense to all this.
I am.
Should I not be?
What would remain (of) me
without your love?


memyselfandela, 2013, Picture it & Write



Constant battle
Ups, downs, blues,
Blood, sweat, tears,
Extreme ways, bright thoughts.
Never allow fear to infect your soul,
You are a fighter,
You are stronger than you imagine.
And life goes on.

33 words, memyselfandela, 2013, this is my entry for Trifecta

Last Of The Wilds


Last of the wilds.
Yes, that’s what I was born to be. I can lay in this snow and hold my breath listening to the silence , the meaningful silence of this deep wise breathing forest.
I can hear every creature breath around. The shy steps of deer, the hop of the rabbit, ths sneaking of the fox…
I remember how I’ve seen my father hunting a deer for the first time… How I cried watching the deer, how daddy cooked that night… And how I was eating… eating and crying…
Look at those clouds, and the light breaking through the branches… So much beauty… Such a fantastic light…
I can hear the voices of birds calling each other , sending signals in the sky, screaming my presence when I move. How can I possibly forget all that I learned in my childhood playing in here? I remember the sounds, the trees as they were 40 years ago, the paths that got lost and that nobody but me remembers… For the old men that knew this forest better than me are all gone, I am the last now… The last of the wilds…

living in the wild
the human heart finds things that
the eye cannot see.

hear nature breathing
for it’s your heart that makes you
the last of the wilds.


220 words,  memyselfandela, 2013, Līgo Haībun Challenge

Keep On Playing


“Hello my love,
I have just came back from the lady. She is amazing. I was absolutely stunned.
She barely saw me coming in and already recognized so many things about me. She even knew how they used to call me when I was a kid. I mean how could she possibly know that? She must have a sixth sense. As she looked in my eyes and read my palm she told me that in my previous life I was a man. Maybe that is why I am so stubborn in this life? I had an artistic soul, that would surlely explain why I am still so very much into music and art. And she told me you know how you love typing on your laptop, the feeling of touching the buttons? well, in your previous life you had no computer, you had only your piano. And you have spent more time with this piano than with any person in your life”. I guess that’s why I love piano music so much. It must remind me of that life.
I asked her about you and me. She took a long look at my love line and said: I cannot tell you what this love will be. Some things I’m not allowed to say”. But as I was going out the door she said: “He will find you again. Don’t be afraid. Everything happens for a reason”. Must be so, love…
I’m so tired now. Talk to you later.
Good night.”

After finishing her email, she found online the track she loved the most and pressed the play button. Laying her frail body to rest she closed her deep shiny eyes listening to the notes echoeing in the room and falling over her body and mind and soul…
Eyes closed the room was spinning as she slipped in a most strange sleep. She could see in her sleep the room and her body resting  with a smile on the face.

Then she saw how her love was coming inside the room. He called her. Funny, why? She was there. She could see him, why could he not see her?
After trying to wake her up, with tears in his eyes he held her tight. Then called the ambulance. Then rested his head on her frozen heart.
The music… incredible music… Lord, what a fantastic feeling, the divine music kept on playing…


400 words, memyselfandela 2013, Picture it & Write