"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Poets of the Fall

Let it be.


Crepuscular quiet dismantles seemingly
all the past that has tired these eyes,
while ancient rains falling from grey skies
wash away the ashes and pains that gave birth to tomorrow.

In a deep still new potentialities bind around your breath
as millions of counterfeit sounds could never compare to it.
just like in a long forgotten blast
shining light and darkness split afloat oblivious waters.

There shall be love, antigravity love waving
like a flag above the shores of this heart
broken, fixed and restlessly beating in burning thoughts
of “why not?” and of “now?” and “forever!”. Let it be.

100 words, memyselfandela, 2013



As a new day rises over me I find myself breathing and living and smiling. The level of physical pain I feel is not relevant, the number of tears I have cried also not. My heart is full of Love and Peace. And I am grateful for every single thing that I have experienced in my life, because I finally understand that every single thing was a lesson.
Yes, life goes on. Yes, I have let go. Yes, I have set myself free from all the things and people that have harmed me and have lowered the vibration of my soul by making me suffer. For all those people I have closed the doors left ajar. I have canceled all my dreams related to them. I have forgiven them. And I have let them go on their own paths. No more regrets, no more questions, no turning back, no more torture of my soul. I could not have done this without shutting the doors of my past sad experiences. Without ending the past and making room for a new day. Without drying my tears so that I can smile again.
I have been very busy these past days. Busy working and busy with my feelings and thoughts. Busy listening to my Heart.  I did not post much but I have learned incredibly much. I did not write for you my friends, but I did write in the book of my Heart and I did turn the page.
As I was in the depths of sorrow and pain some time ago I was wondering why all this pain happened to me. But these days and the light that has filled my soul have showed me that everything is a flowing process. That there’s no state of permanent pain and no condamnation to sorrow. That rather God closes for us some paths and doors just to open for us the right ones. That we don’t lose anything and anyone in life, but we find ourselves and what is good for us.
I am a deeply religious soul, whoever reads my blog knows this. I have my sins and mistakes but I also have a heart full of love. And I accept humbly all the beauty and Love that God has given me. I always say that God is more present in our lives than we even imagine.  And He proved this to me so many times…

If there’s a word for this feeling, it is epiphany, it is the revelation of my complete heart and soul: I am Love.

Much love to you all.