"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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The Return to Innocence

Memory. One of the strongest muscles in our being. It can contract and ruin your life crushing you underneath or it can gently lift your soul in the light, no matter what life throws at you.

When I was a child my grandmother used to have in a corner of her garden a columbine that used to grow again and again every year. I remember how fascinated I used to be as a little girl by the filigree shape and the delicate yet robust structure of this flower. I could study it day after day when it bloomed or when it’s petals were falling. I used to be very caring with the flowers. And when I say flowers, I mean beings, living creatures that I respected deep in my child’s heart. It never ceased to amaze me and make me happy whenever I saw it, because only there, in that corner of the garden, hidden in shadow under a lilac tree one could have found my columbine. There were no others, it was unique and the neighbours had none. It’s incredible how simple things that adults don’t even notice can be such an awesome thing for a child.

Many years I grew up with the beautiful columbines, studying them as they opened their purple-blue flowers. Columbines meant holiday, freedom and childhood. Not in so many words, but with a warm cosy feeling deep within. Words meant nothing then, only the heart was full of feelings and of a light that an adult is losing somewhere on the way.

This year I was contemplating my bare garden, frozen and with no trace of life. Then suddenly an incredible invisible force, a singular touch of grace has awaken the life in the sleeping buds and wrinkled flowers that rose their heads and stretched their beings in the warm sunshine. Then mesmerised I have discovered hundreds of columbines.

Is it God’s message that life is beautiful and full of diversity on a multitude of layers at the same time? Or is it just a cosmic coincidence? No matter what it is, it has brought back to me that warm cosy feeling in the midst of a busy life full of stress. The morning when I saw the columbines bloom I felt how one must feel when they win the lottery. To others this means nothing. To me it means the return to innocence.


400 words, memyselfandela,  June 1st 2015

Photo: Adela Galasiu, May 2015

Black & White

Did you smile today? :)


eternal dream tanka

I am
lost in
my dream of
sweet childhood

no fears
and worries
just sun
laughter and

light child
shine upon
my bright face
and my eyes

if this
was a dream
I wish
it could be


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Nobody knows that I love you

“Nobody knows that I love you

Only my soul

and he is silent.

Nobody will know that I love you,

only my soul

which is quieter than ever.

My soul and my voice

because the motr scream I love you,

you do not want to listen.

Now I know what is silence

Now I do.

I wait every day

the waiting time.

You are in my child dreams

and in my great needs.

In the silences that are beyond

to confess in the afternoon.

In the heavy silence

full of loneliness.

I wait and not tell you

where you can find me.

I love you and I do not wait for you

Because it hurts.

I  have you and I can not have you,

because I can not find you.

Because in my days of adult

I can come after you,

Because in my child nights

The cry comes to find me.

Because I love you innocent

because I hate implacable

because my sex is forgotten,

but I forget not my blood.

You have sought and found me,

Now I wait,

and you do not come to me.

An angel has lost his voice in the silence,

but I speak to your soul

soul magical and mysterious.

I do not know if I’ll ever hear the voice of an angel

I do not

really, I do not

because your soul is mine

My soul is trapped.

If our souls before God are one,

it will be the soul of our children,

and our children’s children … ”


” Nadie sabe que te amo,

sólo mi alma

y es muda.

Nadie sabrá que sigo amándote,

sólo mi alma,

que está más muda que nunca.

Mi alma y mi voz,

porque por más que grite: Te amo,

no quieres escucharme.

Ahora sí sé lo que es el silencio,

ahora sí.

Espero día por día

el momento de esperarte.

Te espero en mis sueńos nińos

y en mis necesidades grandes.

En los silencios que escapan

a confesarse en la tarde.

En los silencios pesados,

cargados de soledades.

Te espero y no te digo

donde puedes encontrarme.

Te amo y no te espero

porque me duele esperarte.

Puedo tenerte y no puedo,

porque no puedo buscarte.

Porque en mis días adultos

puedo llegar a buscarte,

porque en mis noches de nińo

el llanto, viene a buscarme.

Porque te amo inocente,

porque te odio implacable,

porque mi sexo se olvida,

pero no olvida mi sangre.

No te busqué, y me encontraste,

ahora te espero,

y no vienes a buscarme.

Un ángel perdió su voz, en el silencio,

pero me habla con su alma,

su alma mágica y misteriosa.

No sé si volveré a escuchar la voz del ángel,

pero no me importa,

de veras, no me importa,

porque su alma es mía,

mi alma la tiene cautiva.

Si ante Dios nuestras almas son una sola,

y serán las almas de nuestros hijos,

y de los hijos de nuestros hijos…”