"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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I close myself again in my world… in the trap of solitude… I stopped walking, unwillingly,  and my smile faded on my lips… the colour in my eyes  froze spreading tears of ashes…

my soul has turned into a bizarre delta, with countless arms through wich the whole sadness of the world is flowing… time was not on my side… when I missed you the most you have hidden yourself like a criminal, killing my feelings… you set my soul on fire and you left me a mountain of memories, a dirty thick water of sensations and feelings and dead dreams, sad water, dirty water, yellow like the face of a corpse… dirty water that my soul has to filter day and night, flowing in my cells in long moments… endless drops of sick time, bizarre time, irreversible time…my idears turn into a dirty brown, my wings are cut, my flight is an utopia…



“I’m a little curious of you in crowded scenes
And how serene your friends and fiends
We flew and strolled as two eliminated gently
Why don’t you close your eyes and reinvent me
You know you’ve got that heart made of stone
You should have let me know
You could have let me know

We’ll go ’till morning comes
And traffic grows
And windows hum

Speding all week with your friends
Give me evenings and weekends
Evenings and weekends

I could be yours
We can unwind
All these have flaws
All these have flaws

You’d agree it’s a typical high
You fly as you watch your name go by
And once the name goes by
Not thicker than water nor thicker than mud
And the eight k thuds it does

Sunset so thickly
Let’s make it quiet and quickly
Don’t frown
It taste’s better on the way back down

I could be yours
We can unwind
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
Will lead to mine

We can unwind
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
Will lead to mine
Will see to
All these have flaws
All these have flaws
Will see to
All these have flaws
Will lead to mine
We can unwind all our flaws
We can unwind all our flaws”

Mad about you…


Iubirea trece dintr-un pat in altul…

“Simti cum bate inima mea?
Eu nu, cred ca s-a descarcat.
De fapt, poate aud fantoma unei batai.
Si va mai sta aici pentru o vreme.
O sa trebuiasca sa-mi aduc aminte de el si va fi trist sau poate va fi frumos, va fi ridicol sau poate serios.
O sa-mi aduc aminte de el, de ceea ce a fost si nu va mai fi, ceea ce as fi vrut sa fie si nu era.

In noaptea asta insa, iti fac o promisiune: n-o sa ma mai las luata la misto, n-o sa ma mai fac frumoasa pentru o intalnire, n-o sa mai astept dupa un telefon pe care nu-l primesc niciodata, n-o sa mai stau sa-mi imaginez zambetul, nasul, parul unor posibili iubiti, n-o sa mor de inima rea, n-o sa ma intreb daca vrea un sarut sau mai mult, daca e intr-adevar cazul sa-mi pierd capul.
O sa iubesc melodiile, cartile, marea, copacii, apusul soarelui… stiu ca ele vor fi mereu acolo pentru mine.
Iubirea oamenilor e diferita, se muta rapid, trece dintr-un pat in altul.
Unde o fi el acum? O fi tot la ea? Poate s-a intors deja la el acasa, au fost rapizi.
Da, s-a intors acasa, in asternuturile lui, si poate, pentru o clipa, se intreaba si el: “De ce?”
De ce se termina? Dar mai ales: “De ce incepe?”
Zambete, picioare incrucisate, maini care se simt singure… De ce incepe?
Cu persoanele cele mai absurde, cele pe care, daca le-ai cunoaste, le-ai evita,cele cu care nu va merge niciodata, nici macar pentru o clipa, si tie ti se pare ca merge de minune… De ce incepe?
Nu reusesc sa gasesc un raspuns valabil, nici macar unul.
Si simt ca am gresit totul, din primul moment. 
Si ma intreb ce s-ar fi intamplat daca l-as fi sarutat in fata celorlalti, daca am fi baut impreuna apa din acea fantana in Piazza di Trevi, daca n-as fi citit mesajele din telefonul lui, daca nu i-as fi respins trupul, de data aia, de datile alea…
Poate ar fi fost la fel, poate nu. Poate e mai bine asa.”

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