"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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as I leave my marks
on the sand grinded by invisible teeth
I am followed submissively
by the force lying there underneath

do you know what amazing stories
the sea has told me last night?
of sea horses and drifting wood
and of death holding me tight

dancing madly in a waltz
of rippled lace, dragged back and forth
it gently caresses my ankles
slapping me suddenly from south and from north

roaring like an angry monster
that wants to engulf the whole modern time
embracing my being
in a moment where it belongs to nobody, but is all mine.

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100 Words, Memyselfandela/Adela Galasiu 2015

Photos, Adela Galasiu, Isle of Wight, UK

The Sea at Night


Photos: Adela Galasiu, September 2014


I am a sea of love
Coming and going on my bare soul
Tides of thoughts washing
Day and night
My forever blue

25 words, memyselfandela, September 2014
Photo: Adela Galasiu, September 2014



silence 1 silence 2 silence 3 silence 5 silencesilence1silence 4

Photos: Adela Galasiu, June 2014

Lymington, UK.


Enjoy the silence

Lonely souls


Lonely souls


lost in the world

dancing above a sea of solitude

each one of them noble

each one of them shining like a diamond

each one more beautiful than rainbow itself.

Lonely souls

may the wigns of our thoughts guide us

through the storm called life

we are strong and all that matters is

that in the end WE ARE ONE.

In Blue

losing myself

in blue eyes

that plunge

the very essence of me

to unfathomable depths

of azure

hurled to highest stratosphere

a human rocket

launched by penetrating gaze

of cobalt light sky

surrendering to

blue eyes

where dark lashes dart

flit – soar – dance

as birds above whitecapped waves                    

on twin sapphire seas

© Gregory Alan Dunbar

me perdre

dans les yeux bleus

qui plongent

l’essence même de moi

aux profondeurs insondables


lancé à la plus haute stratosphère

une fusée humaine

lancé par le regard pénétrant

de la lumière du ciel de cobalt

s’abandonner à

yeux bleus

où les cils noirs de fléchettes

flit – s’envoler – danse

comme les oiseaux au-dessus des vagues plafonee en blanc

sur les deux mers de saphir