"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry


Smile :)

Did you smile today?

If not have a look at these furry faces. 🙂
IMG_0210IMG_0215IMG_0224IMG_0340And if you want more smiles, visit my Smile page. Feel free to add in the comments links to other funny things.

Keep smiling and carry on!  🙂


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As a matter of…cat



Did you smile today? :)


As a matter of… cat

IMG_1074 IMG_1085IMG_1087 IMG_1091


Did you smile today? :)



As a matter of… cat

Did you smile today? :)

It’s a new week, so you have plenty of time to:

sing opera…


get the Christmas cards printed…104331

get a relaxing bath…123373 watch a show… 781107be hungry…


be thirsty…cat_109

do some fitness…cat-aerobics-funny-cat-photos-hilarious3.gif.pagespeed.ce.5RxPJ21B3elearn French…


wrap the Christmas presents…cat-in-a-box-gif

relax… e6kTE4p get scared… funniest-cat-gifs-ahhh

run…funniest-cat-gifs-cat-domino-effect    spy…funniest-cat-gifs-cat-peak-gif

send emails…funniest-cat-gifs-cat-sit-right-here

play… funniest-cat-gifs-cat-tricked teach your boss a lesson… funniest-cat-gifs-dont-mess-with-cats

go shopping…funniest-cat-gifs-grocery-bag-cat


watch a 3D movie…funniest-cat-gifs-three-dimensional-cat

comb your hair…funny_cats_gifs_09

go out for a walk…funny-animal-gifs-monorail-cat

annoy your partner…funny-cat-annoying-a-bunny-with-its-tail

run after your own tail…funny-cat-gif and the Christmas cards are still not ready!!!… funny-cat-gifs-034-009

go jogging…funny-cat-gifs-036-009

have a romantic dinner with candle light…funny-cat-gifs-036-010 get a nice massage… funny-cat-gifs-040-003and the Christmas presents are still not packed!!!…funny-cat-gifs-060-004

but you are working hard on it…

funny-cat-inside-boxwatch TV… funny-cats-animation give five… funny-gifs-ghetto-cat  and finally turn off the light. 😀

funniest-cat-gifs-cat-on-cat-offWish you all a fabulous week!!!

Ela. 😀

Challenge – PLAY



Dear friends,

Feel free to join the challenge. Write a maximum 100 words as a comment or a ping back to your blog starting from the image below.

I wish you all a fabulous day and you are all welcome to PLAY.  :)



” Mommy, I played with the little bottle with red color, I opened it just to smell it but the color wanted to play with me…

Your toys are so much better than mine!!! ”


33 words, memyselfandela, 2013


Did you smile today? :)



Did you smile today? :)


Divorce (in stereo)

You have given her the best years of your life, yet in the end she never seemed to understand you at all. And being unhappy made you think of all the good times you used to share and wonder why the hell you now feel like trapped in an endless nightmare. You don’t dream much, and even when you do it’s all about the things you’d love to still do, but cannot because of being married. Un-happily ever after.

If you’d have to make the top ten of what you dream to do again it would sure sound like this:

1. Sleep without being waken up every 5 minutes because you snore too loud
2. Be able to buy all you want without arguing with her about prices
3. Being able to watch the football finale and peacefully drink your beer
4. Being able to go only with the kids in the amusement park and actually have loads of fun
5. Spend time with the boys without hearing her complain about the chores not done
6. Leave the pile of dirty dishes in the sink without having a scandal in the end
7. Flirting with the hot chick next door without worrying about your wife
8. Go out in the clubs like in the good old times and get back drunk and happy early in the morning
9. Getting laid as often as you want, no strings attached
10. Finally enjoy the freedom you never had with your parents, never had afterwards, never had with her, and keep it.


My share of this joint post is aimed to the people that had never considered divorce… murder sometimes, but never divorce.

Railing about nothing. Getting pissed-off over anything and everything. Day by day, year by year, grinding. Goading. Endless goading. It became a cheap contest. And once you got into it, it became habitual. You couldn’t seem to get out. You almost didn’t want to get out. And then you did get out. All the way. Your partner has thrown a plastic bag with some underwear and the toothbrush and put you on the street. Is it your fault, his/her or the government? Doesn’t matter! Nothing really wrong! Hell, you’d even failed with your partner. The groom should not see you in the dress just before the wedding, that’s bad luck. You know what’s worst luck? Is getting married, itself. I’ve read studies. It’s like 2 out of 3 of those end in divorce, sometimes more. 3 out of 2, some. OK. The fact is that you return to live alone. Or with your mother. You got all the freedom, but curiously your morale is at rock bottom. You have back your freedom, and you don’t want it. Your new status:


So now what?

I’m not going to advice you on what to do after you face the inevitable question: is there life after divorce? No, I’m not. My only advice for a person who’s just fallen out of a skyscraper window is, flap your arms…faster. I’d rather share some (ten) ideas about what not to do…

1. Always remember never to use two words: always and never.
2. Married or merry? Single people either get boring, or they stay divorced.
3. Don’t wish the death of your ex. They never die when you want them to.
4. If you found your partner in bed with the milkman, it won’t be a solution that you never take milk in the tea.
5. Avoid negative thoughts as: If a tree falls in the forest and kills your ex, what do you do with the lumber?
6. Don’t plan a divorce party. A divorce party… is that really better than a wedding party?
7. In the future don’t trust your pastor anymore. Pastor McFucking Bride this … Pastor McFucking Bride that. Fuck him!
8. Do not think you’re a unique case, a disgrace with two legs. No, you were unfaithful and so was your partner, just like any other normal couple.
9. Do not drink bleach.
10. Do not wait 15 days to bring laundry to your mom’s home.

Bonus: Don’t believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.
Divorce (in stereo) – By Ela and Dugutigui ( http://damantigui.wordpress.com)

Behind every dog there’s a cat

enhanced-buzz-10055-1336668524-0 cat-dog-boxing

Did you smile today?


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Cat-ish view on life

cat view on things



Squirrel Splendour


As a matter of… cat


I’m cooooooooooooooommmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggg, waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit for meeeeeeeee!!!!! 😀

Did you smile today?




Dress to kill?

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Did you smile today?


Did you smile today?


Did you smile today?



As a matter of … cat

cat vs dog


As a matter of… cat